Dream of: 30 June 1994 "Cowboy Song"

I was on an airplane which had just landed in Berlin, Germany. On my lap was a magazine, almost like a comic book. Leafing through the magazine, I noticed what appeared to be a water mark on the top right side of one page. It was barely visible and seemed to have some writing referring to a store in Berlin which sold comic books. It also had a picture of a tall tower, curved in the middle, which I knew was a landmark in Berlin. It occurred to me that if someone were traveling to Berlin, taking boxes of comic books and selling them there would be profitable.

Also in the magazine was a picture of a painting of a corner of a street in Berlin as Berlin had been in the middle ages. Although I didn't realize it at the time, the picture seemed to be a painting by the painter Brueghel. I recognized the scene as a street where I was going, and I thought I could actually see that street from the plane. It appeared the street had changed little in the course of hundreds of years. I looked forward to walking in that area, and began thinking how happy I was to have landed in Berlin.


After leaving the plane, while walking toward the town, I traversed land which appeared to be a ranch. As I passed a large tree, not far away I saw some horses. One large, brown, wild-looking horse with a full, flowing mane saw me and walked toward me. I stayed near the tree as the horse circled me; I felt as if the horse were scrutinizing me and that it might attack. A second horse also moved in my direction.

Some cows were grazing in the wide field. Among them were two large white bulls with long horns. As the bulls suddenly lurched toward each other and rammed their heads together, I thought about how colorful the whole scene appeared.

At the same time, I remembered I had left all my baggage on the plane. However, I thought I had acted wisely by walking on. If I had waited for my baggage, I would have missed this colorful, exciting scene. I would return for my baggage later.

I could hear someone singing a song in English. I had the feeling that a man had simply walked up not far from me, sat down with a guitar and begun singing a cowboy song. But when the song abruptly changed to something else, I realized it was coming from a radio, and someone had changed the channel. The song was coming from a dark area, and I couldn't see who was down there changing the station on the radio.


I was walking through the streets of Berlin. I thought about how I had originally planned for Carolina and me to go to Paris, but now that I was in Berlin, I realized I loved Berlin; Berlin was the best place in the world for me; Berlin was where I wanted to be. I only wanted two things: to live in Berlin and to be with Carolina. If I could now persuade Carolina to come to Berlin, I would have everything I ever wanted. I thought Carolina would come without problem. I would simply have to show her how wonderful Berlin was.

I also thought Weinstein lived in Berlin. I would immediately try to find him. Even now I was probably close to where he lived.

I also needed to begin thinking in German; I immediately began doing so, relishing the feel of the German words as they passed through my mind. I was so much looking forward to my stay there.

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