Dream of: 29 June 1994 "Curable Sickness"

Several people were lying on beds in what appeared to be a room in a hospital or nursing home. I was standing in the room, which seemed to be located on Scioto Trail in Portsmouth, in a building which I remembered as having been a motel. When something was mentioned about dancing, a woman stood up from a bed and acted as if she were fast dancing. She was probably in her late 20s, and had short, brown hair, but she was extremely obese.


The next day I returned to the same room with my mother and my brother Chris. Now no one else was there. As I told my mother and Chris what I had seen the day before, I realized today was Wednesday, and that all the patients went home on Wednesday. I also recalled that the patients had been there because of a new government program, and that all had to have a curable sickness. I realized the girl's sickness was her weight. I would like to get to know her, not for any romantic reasons, but simply because I might be able to help her if I were friends with her.

My mother asked me if I knew anything about the other patients in the room. I recalled that one patient had had muscular dystrophy. My mother asked me how old he had been and I told her he was probably between 40 and 45. As I talked, I realized Chris also had muscular dystrophy, but that his muscular dystrophy couldn't be cured. I should probably not say anything else in front of him about it.

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