Dream of: 28 June 1994 "Study In Mexico"

I was sitting at a round table with my mother (who looked as if she were in her 40s) and three black-haired Hispanic women (who looked as if they were in their 20s). Although I didn't know the three Hispanic women, I could tell they were listening to what I was saying to my mother. I was assembling some papers and postage stamps together in front of me, and my mother wanted to know what they were for. I didn't want to say anything in front of the three Hispanic women, but finally I blurted out that the papers showed that I had been accepted to study at the University of Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico. I felt a bit embarrassed for having said it, because I didn't want the three women to think I was bragging about my acceptance.

I drifted off into a reverie about going to school in Mexico. I would probably study law, and would concentrate on the North American Free Trade Agreement. Eventually I would start working for a law firm in Mexico. With my credentials as an American lawyer, I should be able to find a good job. It sounded as if it would be quite exciting.

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