Dream of: 26 June 1994 (2) "Light Slaps"

While Carolina and I were riding down the road in a black car, I let her drive for a while and I dozed off. When I awoke, I was angry to find that Carolina had made quite a mess of things. Although we were sitting in the front seat, the rest of the car farther down the highway ahead of us. The rest of the car was connected to the steering wheel (in the front seat) by a wire. Normally the car was designed so it would only be a few meters in front of the steering wheel; but Carolina had carelessly let the car travel far down the road, out of sight. In fact there were now other cars between us and our car.

I was so angry, I slapped Carolina in the face a couple times; but the slaps were so light, I barely touched her, not actually causing her any pain. I was immediately sorry I had done it, but I was still angry with her. I could barely believe she could have let this happen

I finally grabbed the steering wheel from her; I could tell it was going to be hopeless. The wire was stretched as far as it could go and I couldn't regain control of the car. I couldn't even see the car; surely it was going to wreck. I just hoped the car wouldn't cause any other cars to also wreck.

Finally I could feel the wire growing more and more taught until it broke. At the same time, I saw some cars in front of us go off the road. But it didn't look as if they had wrecked from anything we had done. We continued down the road, looking for the car. I dreaded seeing what it would look like. I saw the tracks where one car had gone off the road. But I didn't see our car anywhere. We continued looking.

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