Dream of: 26 June 1994 "The Nun In Me"

As I was walking out of a large, brown, concrete building, I saw a black woman standing straight ahead of me. From her white habit I immediately recognized that she was a nun. She was tall and thin, more white than black, and wearing a light gray dress which fell below her knee. She was probably in her mid 30s. I had a side view of her, but her smiling face was turned toward me; there almost seemed to be some light shining from above right on her.

I immediately felt that there was something portentous about her, and I was a bit apprehensive about meeting her. But there was no avoiding it, for although I tried to pass on by, she spoke directly to me. I didn't understand what she had said at first, but when she repeated it, I realized she was asking directions to the train station. I thought quickly, imagining the old train station on the west end of Dallas, thinking it was called the McPherson Station. Although I had slowed my pace, I hadn't stopped walking, and quickly indicated to her that I was going in that direction and she could follow me.

She turned, and as she began walking beside me, we immediately began descending a stairs with perhaps 50 steps. I was on her right side, and reached out to balance myself by touching her with my left hand. I then told her that I went down the steps not by walking down them, but by sliding down them. I had a method of angling my feet so I would just hit the edge of each step with the bottom of my foot, thereby progressively bouncing in a sliding fashion down the steps. Her being next to me caused me to be unsteady at first, but I quickly smoothed my descent, feeling exhilarated as I slid down the stairs.

At the bottom we began walking again next to each other. She was obviously impressed by my ability to slide down the stairs. I told her that I had an even more impressive ability – at times I could fly. I thought of the many times I had flown in my life, and how I had never been able to explain to myself how I had been able to do it. I also told her that no one else had ever witnessed me flying, and therefore no one knew it could be done.

How surprised I was when she told me she also could fly. In fact, she told me, she had just flown for nine miles that very morning to get somewhere.

I looked up at her face, only then realizing how tall she was. I was only coming up to about her waist. I had the strong feeling things weren't as they seemed. I wanted her to show me how she could fly. But more, I wanted to know who she was. She now seemed to be clothed in a long blue, plastic cloth. I grabbed the side of it, and began climbing up, pulling myself up by the cloth.

As I reached her head, I suddenly knew her name was Ann. But I also began to realize that she wasn't real. I began pulling on her head, finally tearing it off like a lifeless doll. I threw it to the ground, then pulled on her torso, also tearing it off and pulled it to the ground. I cried out, "There is no Ann, is there."

I now knew she didn't really exist, that she was just a part of myself. And all the pieces of her were part of myself. I couldn't explain how I knew that or what it meant. I sat on the ground trying to make some sense of it all, because I felt there was something here eluding me.

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