Dream of: 25 June 1994 "Romantic Weekend"

Two women, a man and I were planning a romantic, passionate weekend together. We arrived at a small border town in southern Texas, and walked into a small dingy motel, apparently the only one around. A woman showed us a large room containing about 10 beds. Apparently other people would be staying in the same room with us. As the woman walked around the room, I could immediately see that this wasn't the kind of place where I wanted to stay. I walked up to the woman and asked her if she had a private room which we could have. She seemed to understand what I wanted, motioned to a room across the hall, and told me to look in there.

I walked across the hall to the other room and opened the door. I saw two beds, but to my dismay, people were already sleeping in them. I quickly shut the door. The woman then told me to look into the adjoining room, and she gave me a key with which to open the door. After some difficulty I was able to put the key in the door, and open it. The woman and I then walked up some steps and entered the room.

Although the room was rather dilapidated, it did have two beds and was empty. An old air-conditioner had been pulled out of the window and was sitting on the floor. The woman said it got hot here very quickly, and that she therefore didn't think we would be able to stay here during the day. I told her the room was satisfactory and I headed back out to get the others. At least we would have privacy in the room.

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