Dream of: 24 June 1994 (2) "Breaking Loose"

I was in a bedroom of a house where I had been living with my father, my mother and my sister. My sister was in the next bedroom; I was thinking of going in there and engaging in some sex play with her. I had been looking at three pornographic magazines, and had just stuck them under the bed, when my father walked in. He looked as if he were probably in his early 40s. He was extremely angry with me about something – he told me I was going to have to stay there in the room. I knew I was now 18 years old; I told him I wouldn't stay there, that I would leave and live on my own. He grabbed one of my arms, as if he were going to try to make me stay. I broke loose and ran to the next room; I intended to exit there as quickly as possible. I didn't want to leave the magazines under the bed, because they might be found later, and everyone would think I was some kind of sexual pervert. But I didn't see any way to get them.

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