Dream of: 23 June 1994 "Missiles"

I was just about to leave my law office (located somewhere in the Dallas area) which consisted of one room which I rented from Wheat, who had his office in the same small building. We were on the ground floor.

Just as I was leaving, Wheat caught me and asked me to step into his office; I gladly complied. We walked into a room which I recalled used to be my office before I had moved into the smaller room which I presently occupied. The room looked larger now than when I had officed in it, and I commented to Wheat about how "spacious" the room was. As Wheat sat down behind his desk at one end of the long room, I also noticed that he had fixed up the office quite nicely.

Once we were settled in our chairs, Wheat began asking me about my plans for the future. I hadn't spent much time with Wheat lately, and had left him in the dark about what I was doing; so it seemed appropriate for me to discuss my plans now. Besides, he seemed more at ease than usual, and although I was generally busy, he seemed now to have some time to talk.

I first told him I was uncertain what I was going to be doing, but more than likely I would practice law. I hadn't taken on any law cases for quite a long time. I told him I might start meeting other lawyers, in anticipation of working on legal matters with some. But I explained that I was going to be very choosy, and only handle cases in which I was interested. I wanted to convey to him the value I now placed on my freedom, and that I would be cautious in any work I chose.

I next told him that I was dissatisfied with my current office. I didn't particularly like the area we were in; I felt cramped in my quarters. I told him the main reason I didn't like the office was because it was so far from the Fort Worth Rock House, where I lived. Wheat questioned me about that, asking if I still lived in the Rock House. Slowly I realized I no longer lived in the Rock House. I blurted out that no, I had moved to a house on Seventh Street, which in fact wasn't that far from where we were. I felt somewhat embarrassed, because that meant I wasn't living that far away from the office; the nearness of my residence took away my main argument for why I didn't like it here. Something, however, still didn't seem right, because I felt sure that I was having to drive a long way to the office. I kept thinking about it, finally saying, "Where do I live?"

Suddenly I remembered that I lived in the Summerdale Drive House, and that I truly did have a long way to drive to get to the office.

As we talked, I realized Wheat had picked up the phone and was talking to someone; I could hear the voice of the man to whom Wheat was talking. The man's voice sounded as if he were probably in his 30s. Wheat was taking notes as he talked; I followed the conversation. The man on the phone had been tracking some missiles which had been fired by the United States government from the Dallas area. Apparently no one else was tracking the missiles because everyone was afraid to get involved with the government.

As Wheat talked, I thought to myself that Wheat surely knew his phone might be tapped and he could get into trouble. Nevertheless, he seemed determined to get the information anyway. I also noticed that Wheat was wearing a tight-fitting glove on his right hand, but not on his left.

Wheat continued questioning the man on the phone. Slowly I realized the man lived in another country. Wheat was trying to persuade the man to come to the United States, but the man refused. Wheat asked, "Are you afraid to move over here?"

The man replied, "I think so."

Clearly the man understood the seriousness of the situation, and had no intention of endangering his safety unnecessarily. It was also clear that Wheat understood the gravity of the matter, but that he was determined not to be daunted by it.

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