Dream of: 19 June 1994 (2) "Damaged Lungs"

Carolina and I were sitting in a large, mostly empty room – except for a television, which Carolina was watching. Carolina was sitting on a couch and I was sitting on the floor on the other end. I was smoking a pipe, taking deep inhalation from it. When I would exhale, huge amounts of white smoke came out, as I puckered my lips and blew. I recalled how my uncle George used to smoke a pipe, and I wondered if his lungs had been damaged. I became concerned that my lungs might be affected by the smoke.

My mother-in-law Paz walked into the room and sat down on the end of the couch right next to me. Her one-piece, flowery dress came to just above her knees. As I looked at her knees, I wondered if she were wearing anything under it. Although I was thinking I would like to have sex with Paz, I was unsure doing so would be appropriate. I stood up and walked around; when I sat back down, I would have my head close to hers, and I might even reach over and kiss her. However, I was still uncertain.

First, I put out my pipe, since I didn't think I should be smoking around her. She was probably surprised to see me smoking, although she probably knew I smoked.

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