Dream of: 19 June 1994 "Storing Works Of Art"

I encountered Weinstein, who seemed to be in his mid 30s, hale and hearty. He had been drawing a picture of a person with such skill that the picture looked as if it had been done by a professional artist. I was amazed by his artistic drawing ability.


I myself was drawing a picture of an angel hovering above someone. The angel didn't look like an angel, but like a young person. The picture was in black and white, on a large piece of drawing paper. I was drawing quite well, and was impressed by my drawing ability. I had never spent much time drawing, but now discovered that I had a real talent for it.


I encountered Anderson, who appeared to be in his mid 30s, strong and healthy. We seemed to be in a room of a castle. Anderson also had been drawing some pictures. I looked at one of his pictures and thought it was quite amazing. It was similar to the picture which I had drawn of the angel hovering above another person. Anderson's hovering angel appeared to be lounging on his side, looking down on the person below him. I was extremely impressed with Anderson's ability. Obviously he could be a professional artist if he wanted to.


I stumbled into a room of the castle where many works of art had been stored. It appeared that artists in the castle had been drawing magnificent works of art, and had been storing them in this large room. It seemed that one of the artists was named Brueghel. Anderson's and Weinstein's works had also been stored in the room. I was concerned that the works might be damaged if they were only stored here like that. Apparently the works were being stored in the room until one day when they would be brought out and sold.

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