Dream of: 18 June 1994 "Its A Wonderland"

I awoke, looked around and tried to figure out where I was. It was dark all around me, and I seemed to be crawling through a field. As I finally saw a bit of light, I concluded I was in an outdoor shed. I noticed a puddle of water with some toy boats with white sails.

Everything looked so unfamiliar, so completely out of line from anything to which I was accustomed, that I said to myself, "I must be dreaming."

I realized I was having a lucid dream. I could come to no other conclusion which made any sense. I thought as soon as I realized I was having a lucid dream, I would awaken, but to my amazement, I stayed right where I was. That was somewhat alarming, because I felt as if I should be awakening. I felt somewhat trapped within the dream, as if I had no power to escape the dream, even though I knew I was dreaming.

Besides, I didn't like be in this uncomfortable shed. I even had the feeling it might be raining outside. I tried to look outside, finally being able to see an old, dilapidated house next to the shed. I thought someone from the house had locked me in the shed.

All the while, my amazement at the situation continued, knowing all this was a dream and that at some point I would awaken. Although it was quite dark, I could see a door, and I walked over to it. I was able to open the door and look outside into the dark. Although I couldn't see clearly, I was able to discern a large, black German shepherd dog standing outside the door. Even though I knew I was dreaming, I still I didn't want to risk going out where the dog was. I shut the door.

I turned and looked again at the interior of the shed. I thought I needed to remember as much as I could about what I was experiencing so I could write it down when I awoke. I began concentrating on remembering. I looked up and noticed a large window which had artistically-designed metal work laced through it. I couldn't tell whether any glass was in the window, but I concentrated on the metal work, which looked like vines and leaves. It seemed peculiar and exciting, and I tried to absorb the design in my memory.

I looked beyond the window, finally seeing a large white mansion sitting on a hill. The mansion seemed to light up at times, as if from lightening. Tall columns surrounded the porch of the house. The word "wonderful" kept going through my mind, as I continued to be absorbed by the magic of knowing I was dreaming everything I was seeing. A tune ran through my mind with the repeated phrase, "Its a wonderland. Its a wonderland."

At the same time, I was still trying to remember where my actual body was. As I continued looking at the mansion, I began to slowly recall where my body actually was. I felt a smoother transition than I could ever remember having had of awakening. I continued staring at the house as I felt myself awakening.

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