Dream of: 12 June 1994 (2) "Wall"

A gigantic, intricately-designed, white spaceship had reached its destination and stopped. The captain of the ship, who looked like Jean Luc Picard (the character played by Patrick Stewart in the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation"), sent a woman who looked like Deanna Troi (the character played by Marina Sirtis in the same television series), in a space suit out of the ship. Her mission was to find an object known as the "Wall." She floated out from the ship and quickly located it. It was a flat slab about a meter square of a substance which looked like dark and light marble mixed together. She quickly grabbed it and headed back toward the ship.

The "Wall" was a mysterious object which was going to be studied. It apparently was a portal through which one was able to travel to another place simply by passing through it.

The woman reached the ship and headed toward the door. Below the door were four large, circles which contained the sculpted heads of white lions. But though they were sculpted, the heads moved animatedly as if they were alive.

Once the woman was inside the ship, the large circles no longer contained the heads of lions, but were windows showing what was inside that area of the ship. Inside were large sea animals swimming in water. It appeared the space ship had a large aquarium filled with sea animals which would be shown to inhabitants of other worlds.

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