Dream of: 05 June 1994 "Dead Dog"

As I walked into a park, I felt invigorated, as if I were about 10 years old. I walked up to and began talking with a woman (about 30 years old) sitting near me. I had the feeling she was here to be picked up, and I asked her about that. She responded that I was correct in my assumption. Although she seemed nice, she was rather frowzy.

I returned to my home, and when I awoke the next morning, I once again headed down the street to the park. The area reminded me of a park near where I used to live in West Salem, Ohio. Just as I stepped into the park, a brown puppy approached me and began jumping around frenetically, it was so happy to see me. I began petting it, trying to calm it down, only succeeding when I sat down next to it. I held my hand on its back, trying to hold it still, until it finally calmed down. I lay down myself, and when I looked at the puppy, I saw that a second puppy was on the other side of it, and that a dog which appeared to be the mother was on the other side of the second puppy. When I took my hand off the puppy, it ran over to the mother. Only when I looked more closely did I realize that the mother appeared to be dead, and that the two puppies were eating it on its underside, trying to pull off the flesh. Thoroughly disgusted by the site, I stood and walked away.

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