Dream of: 04 June 1994 "Religious Experience"

I could see an image of Jesus Christ, who had apparently just been crucified, but was still alive. As I experienced Christ's presence, I realized I was having an important religious experience. Christ put his hands on both sides of my head, pressing his fingers into my temples, causing a shock to go through my mind. I screamed out as loud as I could. I stopped, aware that people, including my mother, were standing around me. Everyone looked at me strangely after I had screamed. I knew I had had some kind of experience, although I was unsure what it had been.

I also noticed a door with a cloth hanging over it. When someone pulled back the cloth, I heard a shrill, shrieking sound, such as Moslem women make before a battle. I concluded that we were about to be attacked. I looked around and saw hundreds of people with me, all of whom looked like swarthy Indians from India.

Not far from us was a vertical cliff. I told everyone that they must go to the cliff and climb it. I was the first one to begin climbing up the side of the cliff. I felt as if I had been given some new powers so I could easily scale the cliff. Although the cliff was straight up and down, I was able to hold onto small crags on the face of the cliff.

When I reached the top, I saw a place where we could hide, but when I looked back down, I saw that most other people had not yet begun to climb. Clearly they would soon be attacked. I did see some people who had begun the climb. I felt somewhat guilty, because I was already on the top and the others had not yet made it. I reached out and helped pull one man up. When he was on top, he in turn began helping other people up. He pulled up a small baby being held by its mother. He then tried to pull two men at the same time, and I joined in to help him pull them both up.

I thought when the attack began, I would give orders to throw rocks down the cliff on top of the attackers. I thought we were now in a good spot where we could defend ourselves against the attack.

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