Dream of: 31 May 1994 "Bullshit Walks"

Planning to go to France and set up an office there, I began talking with some different young women about the possibility of one of them accompanying me and working for me. I figured for six months it would probably cost me about $12,000 to pay someone. That seemed like a lot of money, but I thought I could afford it, and I was going to need someone working for me.

But after speaking with several women, I realized none of them spoke French. That concerned me, because I didn't want them to spend the entire six months learning the language. I began thinking that I was making a mistake by trying to hire someone now. I should just wait until I was in France, and hire someone there. I felt a little bad about that, because I had implied to the women that I would be hiring one of them. But I decided I was still in the process of interviewing, and that I had made no commitments to anyone. If I wanted, I could continue the interviewing process in France.


Walls (about 30 years old) and I had just arrived in London and were trying to find a room for the night. Walls had been to London before, and was trying to get us a cheap room in a place where he had stayed before. He had sent someone he knew into a building to ask about the room. He and I waited in an old beige car which belonged to Walls, and which he had brought to London and left there the last time in had been there.

After we had waited quite a while, Walls got out and walked into the building himself. I in turn waited a long time, finally grew impatient, and walked into the building myself. There I found Walls talking with an attractive black-haired woman (probably in her early 30s). I quickly realized Walls was having difficulty getting a room from the woman, who was the person in charge. It appeared that all the rooms were taken. I also quickly realized he was having the trouble because he was trying to get a cheap room. I asked the woman where we could find a room, and she replied that we should look for an "apartment room." I gathered from the way she spoke that "apartment rooms" were nice rooms and easily available, but that they were rather expensive.

I asked her how much such a room would cost, and she said it would cost around eighty pounds. I figured that was about $75. Although that was expensive, I quickly asked her where we could find such a room. When she seemed impressed that I would be willing to pay that much for a room, I said, "Money talks, bullshit walks." By that I meant that by using money we could get a lot further than by trying to get a cheap place as Walls had been attempting.

The woman was quite pleasant and pulled out a thick book which contained maps of London streets. I also had a map of my own to which I could refer. She showed me on the map where we were, and where we needed to go. It was rather far away, so I tried to see the best route there. I saw that we were in a section of the city called "Botanical Gardens." I thought it would be an interesting area to visit later. I also saw a line around the city which indicated where the ancient city walls were. I would also like to see that. Then I sew a highway which appeared to circle the city. It wasn't far from where we were, and it went close to where we were going. I told her we would take the highway, and she indicated that would indeed be best.

After I thanked the woman for her help, Walls and I left. We walked across a lot in the direction of the car. I began explaining to Walls how I felt about finding a place. I told him I knew that on the first night in a strange city they would "hit you hard" for an expensive room. But I told him we needed to get settled in, and then we could look for a cheaper place. It was important to first have a base of operation, even if it was expensive at first. I told him we needed to be settled in for a day, and then added, "Speaking of day, what time is it?"

Looking around, I realized it was already dark, and the day was over. I also realized we were in an unfamiliar area, and that it might be dangerous. I saw some large rocks piled up on one side of the lot, and noticed some people hanging around them. I pulled some instruments out of my pocket, one of which was a small knife which I handed to Walls. I also had a long slender metal nut-picker, which I held in my hand, intending to use it for protection if the need arose.

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