Dream of: 29 May 1994 "Wolf Sign-Language"

I was walking around in the country on rugged land which either I or someone in my family owned. Part of the land was flat and part was hilly. In one area I was surprised when I saw a few holes in the ground which looked as if they might lead to underground caves. I looked inside one and saw water on the bottom; a rocky cavern seemed to extend off to one side. I thought Indian relics might possibly be there. I was concerned that someone or some animal might fall into one of the holes and be injured.

A creek ran through the area, and a large tree appeared to be falling in a wooded area on the other side of the creek. I knew a young man who was somehow related to me had gone to the wooded area to cut the tree for wood. I also realized he was behaving rather stupidly, because he should have cut the tree on this side of the creek. He obviously hadn't stopped to think about how he was going to get the wood across the creek.

As I crossed a hilly area of large rocks, I heard sounds which I at once thought sounded like baby wolves. I ducked behind a rock just as two large, white wolves, followed by two baby wolves, ran past me. Although their beauty exhilarated me, I was also cognizant of the danger they posed if they saw me. I quickly decided if they saw me, I would jump into one of the holes I had seen.

When one circled back toward me, I jumped in a hole. I moved back under the edge of the hole, hoping the wolf wouldn't spot me. But it did. It appeared to be the male. It clearly knew I was in the hole, and stuck its nose through a crevice. I wanted to show that I presented no harm, and stuck my hand up to the wolf's muzzle and touched it.

I knew the fellow who had cut the tree on the other side of the creek had a gun with him. I hollered out to him and he hollered back. I hollered for him to come and help me, that I was in a hole, and that a wolf had me trapped here. But I also hollered that when he came, he shouldn't shoot the wolf; I only wanted him to scare it away.

I was defenseless, should the wolf decide to attack me. I thought I would grab its face on each side of its mouth and try to hold it away from me, if it attacked. But as I thought, I realized the white wolf had left, and another dark wolf had taken its place. But this new wolf looked like a man (perhaps 30 years old). The man climbed into the hole with me and lay down on a ledge in the hole.

Since I thought the man was a wolf, I didn't think he could talk. Through sign language I asked him about the white wolf, and if he was related to the white wolf. He answered that he knew what I was talking about. He said the white wolf was a leader, but that he wasn't related to it.

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