Dream of: 28 May 1994 (3) "Champion"

As I was leaving a crowded restaurant, I heard some commotion behind me, and looked back to see what was going on. It looked as if a man had pulled a gun and was threatening some other people, but I couldn't tell for sure. Next to me, I noticed a police officer in a black uniform going in. I was going to tell him about the disturbance inside, but before I could say anything, I heard a loud shot and the officer fell. Right in front of me was a stairs of about 15 steps. The officers rolled all the way to the bottom, while I ducked down behind a partition about waist high.

Out of sight from the gunman, I slipped down the steps toward the policeman, thinking I might be able to help him. When I reached him, I saw he wasn't a man but a blonde woman, and that she wasn't dressed like a policeman, but just wearing an ordinary shirt and pants. It looked as if she had been shot in the leg. She was holding her leg with both hands, and appeared to be in considerable pain. I touched her and she seemed relieved that someone was going to help her.

Before I could do anything, however, I looked back up the stairs and saw the gunman. He was holding another blonde woman hostage. He had the gun pointing at her head and was leading her down the stairs.

I backed away from the injured woman and slipped through a door. Ahead of me was a long hall which I began running down. I was terrified the gunman had seen me trying to help the woman and would now shoot me. I passed doors along the way, finally opening one. Inside was a small restroom. I thought I could hide here, but that if the gunman came, I would be trapped.

Since the gunman apparently hadn't followed me, I slowly crept back down the hall back to the front door. As I looked through the door, what I saw horrified me. The gunman had gone outside and was holding the woman in front of him, although I couldn't see her well. I could, however, see that he had the gun pointed right at her head. I heard a woman scream, "Why did you shoot me?" and someone else screamed "Champion!"

Suddenly, to my horror, the gunman fired his gun. It looked as if he had fired right into the back of the head of the second woman. The sound was loud. I thought to myself that this was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life.

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