Dream of: 28 May 1994 (2) "Changing A Tire"

After watching a man demonstrate how to change a tire on a large truck, I decided I ought to change a tire on a large truck which I owned. The idea behind the demonstration was that a person shouldn't wait until a breakdown occurred out on the road to know how to change a tire. A person should first practice, so as to be prepared when a breakdown actually did occur. The man said it would take about 3 hours to do a complete tire change.

After jacking up the rear of my truck, I was uncertain what to do next. It seemed as if I needed a larger jack to place under the rear to make sure it wouldn't fall. I stooped underneath the vehicle and took a look at the tire. When I stood back up, I suddenly realized the truck was precariously sitting on the jack, and that without a second larger jack, it was too dangerous to work under the truck.

Meanwhile, the man who had given the demonstration had gotten into his truck and was pulling away. As he started to pull out, I heard a loud bang, and he stopped. He realized he had run over something, and we both looked to see what it was. I saw that it was two small, green, plastic pails which belonged to me. They were completely crushed. I held them up so he could see them. I hollered to him that that made four pails of mine which he had crushed, since I remembered that the same thing had happened once before. He seemed unconcerned, and drove off.

I returned to my truck. However, it was now not a large truck, but a toy truck. It was sitting on the step of a stairs, and I sat down beside it. Realizing the step wasn't a good place to try to change the tire, I picked up the truck, thinking I would take it some place more secure.

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