Dream of: 28 May 1994 "True Or Fiction?"

I was walking through the crowded halls of a school or university, trying to find a classroom. I had the number of the classroom written down on a piece of paper, but after a while, I realized the number wasn't on any of the rooms. I was beginning to worry, because it was almost time for the class to begin, and I didn't want to be late. Fortunately, someone came by and told me where the room was and I headed in that direction.

As I headed through the throng, I heard someone call out my name. I realized the person was Buckner; I had been supposed to meet him in front of the classroom before going in. I couldn't see him in the crowd, but began moving in the direction of his voice, holding out my hand so he could grab it. When he did so, he and I continued on together toward the classroom.

Just before we reached the classroom, we had to pass through an area outside, and as we walked along, we came across an obstacle blocking our path. As I moved around the obstacle to my left, I realized we were on an embankment very close to a high cliff. Almost immediately my feet began slipping on the loose soil beneath me, and I began sliding on the embankment toward the edge of the cliff. I looked up above me and was surprised to see Buckner reaching his hand toward me. I hadn't expected him to act so heroically, since he was putting himself in danger by trying to rescue me.

When I grabbed his hand, he began trying to pull me back up. However, he also began slipping on the soil, and we both began moving toward the edge. As I passed over the edge, I grabbed the branch of a tree just on the other side of the cliff. I hoped I would be able to hold onto it and it would break our fall. But I quickly realized the tree was rotten, and it began bending under our weight. Buckner and I let go of each other's hands, as he also tried to grab a tree, but it was also rotten. He said something indicating that he wasn't afraid, and I lost sight of him as his tree began bending downward. I couldn't tell how far it was to the bottom, but I was afraid it was an enormous distance.


I had just finished reading a short magazine story which had described the death of Buckner and anther man. The last scenes had been so vivid, I could see them in my mind. Buckner and the man had fallen a great distance into an ocean. From high above, I could see the two bodies lying face down on the sandy shore, water still lapping up over them. A man dressed in a protective suit was lifting Buckner's body off the ground and feeling for a pulse. Obviously, however, the body was stiff; no pulse would be found.

When I put down the magazine, I wondered if the story had been true or fiction. I thought perhaps I should try to call someone in Buckner's family to see what I could find out. At first I was a bit reluctant, because I thought the magazine had been Playboy, and I wasn't proud that I had been reading Playboy. But when I looked at the magazine a second time, I realized it was a respectable magazine. My problem now was that I didn't know how to reach anyone in Buckner's family.

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