Dream of: 25 May 1994 "Southeast Asia"

Carolina and I had just arrived in an airport in the capital of a country in Southeast Asia. I was trying to place exactly where we were. It might be Thailand, or possibly Malaysia. Not Singapore, although I would like to visit Singapore.

We each had a bicycle which we were pushing along beside us. As we exited the building we were in and walked out onto the street, I realized the front wheel of my bicycle was flat. Fortunately a gas was station nearby; we walked over to it. A black man (about 50 years old) was standing at a counter. I pushed my bicycle up to him, held it in the air and pressed the tire to show him that it was flat. I would have to communicate with gestures since I didn't think he could speak English. But to my surprise, he answered me in English and pointed to a nearby air hose.

I pushed the bicycle over to the air hose and began filling up the tire. To my dismay, when I finished, I felt the air rushing back out a hole near where I was holding the tire. I filled it back up again and the same thing happened.

I returned to the black man, told him what had happened, and asked him if he knew where I could have the tire fixed. He quickly told me of a place not far away, and gave me directions. Carolina and I left, pushing our bicycles along the narrow streets. At first I was a bit apprehensive about walking around in the strange city; but I quickly began feeling safe. The only people I saw were some old women selling food on the sidewalks. The whole atmosphere seemed strange, but safe.

We hadn't gone far, when a man approached us. He was probably in his early 50s. He was apparently an American and spoke English. He questioned us about our problem, and told us of closer place where we could have the bicycle repaired. He spoke to someone else in the native language; the language sounded quite beautiful. I was impressed that he could speak the language.

A boy (6-7 years old) was with him, and the two of them accompanied us for a while. I had the feeling we were going to become friends. We stopped at one place for a while, and when we were ready to continue on, the boy asked me to play a joke on the man. The boy climbed onto my back, holding his arms around my neck. I then walked off, pretending that the boy was going to go with me and abandon the man. The man saw and understood it was a joke, and he seemed amused.


Carolina and I had just arrived at a house where we were going to stay in the country. A black-haired Asian man (about 30 years old) lived in the house. I was still in the process of unpacking my things from a red car in front of the house. When I spoke with the man, he told me that his business was working on computers, both building and repairing them. It also sounded as if he taught people how to repair computers. I was immediately delighted. I told him I had a computer which I had brought with me in the trunk of my car, and asked him to go out with me to look at it. I knew the computer had a problem which I had put off working on; maybe now I might finally be able to fix it.

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