Dream of: 19 May 1994 "A Tiny Island"

I went to visit my friend Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) and a man with whom she was living. Both looked as if they were in their mid 30s. As soon as I arrived, we sat down together to eat something. The first thing I noticed was that they both looked very white, almost a pure white, especially their hands. But what really intrigued me was that they each had a way of changing their hand so they had 10 fingers on each hand. They made this change to their hands when they were ready to eat, and then used their fingers (something like chopsticks) to pick up their food. However their fingers didn't look like fingers, but rather like long willowy stringy fibers. In fact Kim and the man didn't appear to have complete control over the fingers, and the fingers seemed to move every which way. It was a most peculiar sight, watching them each try to manipulate 10 fingers on each hand.

I also knew Kim and the man could cause me to have the same type of 10 fingers on my hands, if I wanted them to. Although the adjustment would only be temporary, I still didn't think I wanted to do it. Uncertain it would be something I would like, I declined.

When we had finished our meal, we decided to read something together, perhaps a poem, which was written on a piece of paper which I had. I looked around, and saw that we appeared to be on a tiny island surrounded by water. We decided to move from where we were sitting, and Kim pointed out a spot closer to the water. She saw a bright shiny rock, 12-15 centimeters in diameter, and she indicated the rock would be a good place to sit. As I headed toward the rock, I mis-stepped into some water, and found myself in the middle of a large creek. I sunk into the water up to my knees. I was wearing some beige pants and leather boots which came up almost to my knees. As I was sinking down, I was concerned that I was going to sink in over my boots and the water would go down my boots. However before I sank in over my boots, I found my footing on the sand and managed to climb out onto the bank to where Kim was. But then I managed to once again step in the water, and I sank down all the way to my neck. I had to hold the paper in my hand up above my head so it wouldn't get wet. I began swimming toward the shore. I was somewhat concerned, especially since I had on the boots, that I would sink and not be able to swim. At least I noticed how warm the water was, and I thought if I didn't have on all my clothes, the water would be good for swimming. I was able to quickly reach the shore and pull myself out of the water.

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