Dream of: 18 May 1994 "Communing With God"

As six or seven men and women, all different ages, people with whom I may have been traveling, sat with me in a room, some strange things began happening to us, things which I couldn't explain. After the strange phenomena ceased, we all realized I was the one who had caused the occurrences. We also realized that as a result of the strange phenomena, each of us had been granted one wish. The wishes however, were severely limited. We couldn't wish for just anything. We had to wish for something which was somehow connected with what we were doing right here and now in the room.

One fellow, for example, wished he would know what a girl (4-5 years old) who was in the room with us, would be like when she grew up. I myself knew the girl would be very beautiful when she was grown. The man turned away from the girl for a moment; when he turned back and looked at her again, she had turned into an extremely beautiful woman about 20 years old. The woman looked at the man as if she were going to kiss him. But I was unsure that she would do so.

One after another, the other people made their wishes, until finally it was my turn to make a wish. I sat and contemplated, trying to decide what my wish should be. Suddenly it came to me: I wished that I could commune with God. I knew this was something I basically did anyway, but it was what I wanted.

I sat down on the light-colored hardwood floor and crossed my legs the way I would if I were going to meditate. I remained quiet until suddenly I felt a surge of God coming through me. I knew what I was feeling was God. At first I felt sad, because I knew I hadn't been living correctly. But it was a sadness which seemed sent from God. I was experiencing a union with God. The union with God didn't take away the sadness and make me feel happy, but there was something exhilarating and powerful in the feeling which gave me hope and strength. So even though I knew I hadn't been leading a good life, I knew I had made the right decision to commune with God, because now I felt as if I truly were communing with God.

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