Dream of: 16 May 1994 (2) "New Office"

I had just moved into a new office which I was setting up as a law office. Although the quarters were rather shabby, I had quickly brought in appealing furniture and made the place look presentable. There were six or seven rooms, and in addition to using the rooms for my office, I planned to live in two rear rooms. I was heading through the offices at the moment to reach the back room, where I intended to take a shower.

On the way I saw Leah, who had come to work for me, sitting at a desk. I stopped and talked with her. I knew Leah hadn't worked much since law school and I hoped she would like working for me. As I talked with her, she mentioned that while talking to one of my clients, she had discovered that he had been in an auto accident and had lost one of his fingers. She had agreed to represent him on her own, and she thought she would be asking for $100,000 in damages.

I was glad she had taken on the case, but I wondered if she would be able to handle it. I seemed to remember her having made a small mistake on a case once which had caused her to lose the case. Yet I thought she would be able to handle this case if she would simply prepare the proper papers. In the back of my mind I thought she had interviewed the man while working on my time – but that didn't really bother me. I was just glad she was here working for me.

As I continued on to the back room, I encountered my father, who began walking with me. He seemed pleased with the office; I even thought he might have been somehow involved in my acquiring it. I explained how quickly I had moved in, and that I was already in operation. Several people were already at work in the different rooms. My father mentioned that a gray coat which he had given me had been hanging in a closet in the back room for several months, and the coat had finally been stolen. I was sorry to hear about the theft, but since I had never worn the coat, neither of us was really upset.

When I reached the back room, I discovered a man in the shower; but apparently he was about to finish. I hung the shirt and pants I was carrying on hangars on a door knob, and I waited for the fellow to come out of the bathroom so I could go in.

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