Dream of: 16 May 1994 "Making Peace"

My sister and I were having an argument in front of my mother. I became quite angry and screamed at my sister. I thought she had been threatening me, and I told her I wouldn't tolerate it.

After she had left, I began thinking I shouldn't have been so harsh. At one time I had had sexual involvement with her and if anyone ever found out, I could go to jail. I became very concerned, and decided I should try to make peace with her.

I walked up to the large attic of the Gay Street House, where I thought she was staying. When I knocked on the door, she invited me into the closet. She had a bed there, and quickly asked me to lie down with her. She had a smile on her face and was very friendly. I told her I was sorry for having argued with her, but she didn't seem to be angry. In fact she seemed to want to have sex with me. I lay beside her, relishing her closeness, but hesitating to go any further with her. I didn't want to start all over again the problems I had had with her.

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