Dream of: 12 May 1994 "Changed Attitude"

I was sitting at a table across from Holladay (a Dallas attorney). Wearing a white top, she looked as if she were in her early 30s. We were talking about a bankruptcy case in which she had filed a "Motion to Lift Stay" against one of my clients to recover a car. Although I had always been able to get along well with her in the past, I now realized our relationship had changed. She was taking a hard, cold attitude, and seemed unwilling to negotiate. I brought up the fact that we had been able to negotiate in the past, and that in fact I presently had two agreed orders in two other cases which she had sent me to sign and which I was going to be sending back to her. She stopped me and told me she was no longer willing to enter into the other agreed orders either. She pointed out that when she had sent me the orders for approval, she had included a letter which said I had until the eighteenth of the month to sign the orders. She noted that the eighteenth had already passed, and that she was therefore no longer going to enter into the agreements.

I was taken aback and immediately became angry. I realized I had made a mistake by not sending back the orders sooner, basically because I had not anticipated Holladay's changing her attitude. I blurted out that if she were going to be that way, I would have to change the way I dealt with her. To myself I was thinking I definitely had a problem now. I had already told both clients that the matters had been settled. Now I would have to go to court and present the cases to Massie Tillman (the Fort Worth bankruptcy judge). And it looked as if the hearings were going to be today.

I later found myself in a car being driven by Tillman. Several other people were also in the car. On our right, along the road we were driving, was an embankment about seven meters high. Suddenly a car pulled out in front of Tillman and he swerved toward the embankment to avoid the car. We tottered on the edge for a few seconds and then rolled down the embankment. I wasn't frightened, because I knew the embankment was not steep and not that high, but it did seem strange that Tillman would have wrecked.

When the car came to a stop, we all got out and looked it over. The pale green car looked as if it had probably been made in the 1940s. I stood behind it and admired its style, thinking it was an antique. It had a small round trunk which added to its elegance.

I recalled that Tillman had recently been in another accident which had caused some slight damage to the car. It seemed strange that he should have been in two accidents so close together, even if they hadn't been his fault.

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