Dream of: 06 May 1994 (2) "Withdrawn Grievance"

A grievance had been filed against me as an attorney with the grievance committee. However, I had quickly persuaded the woman who had filed the grievance to withdraw it. On the day scheduled for the hearing on the grievance, I showed up in the parking lot of the place where the hearing was to be held. In the parking lot I met a man (probably in his early 40s) in charge of my hearing. He had black hair and was dressed in white, had black hair. I quickly told him the woman had withdrawn the grievance and that I therefore assumed there wouldn't be any hearing. He however told me that there would still have to be a short hearing to confirm everything.

Just then someone walked up and asked him if he would like to go to lunch and he said he would. I quickly explained that although I was carrying a vanilla folder with me, the folder wasn't the one which contained the papers for this particular matter. I told him I hadn't brought that file since I hadn't thought it would be necessary. I told him I lived nearby, and I could quickly retrieve the file and return. He said that would be fine. I asked him if he were going to lunch and he indicated he was. I then suggested we beam back there in about an hour, at 12:30. He said that would be fine, boarded a car and left.

A white car pulled up next to me. A friend of mine was driving the car and he asked me if I wanted a ride. As I boarded the car, I was thinking I didn't want to go through with this hearing, but I saw no way out at this point. At least I hoped (since the complaint had been withdrawn) the hearing would be quick.

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