Dream of: 06 May 1994 "Silver Dolphins"

I was sitting in at a chair in one of a row of chairs in a classroom. Other people were sitting in the other chairs around me. Someone brought in some boxes filled with various objects and placed the boxes in the aisles between the rows. It soon became apparent that the people seated in the chairs were going to be able to go through the boxes and keep whatever they wanted. A hurried rush to the boxes followed as the people began rummaging through them.

I rather calmly walked to the rear of the room where I found a box which no one had noticed. As I began going through it, Carolina appeared at my side, and watched. I first picked out a small box which contained a golden heart locket about two centimeters long. Carolina said she wanted it and I handed it to her. She also found a pair of small, silver earrings with intricate, barely visible interwoven silver-work on it. I told her she could also have that.

For myself I found a small black statue of a horse. The statue stood about five centimeters tall. The top could be removed, revealing a chamber inside where something small could be placed. I found a small silver box which I put inside the horse, and closed it back. Along with the horse, I amassed several other items on a counter. When I had finished going through the box, I stood guard over my treasures so no one would get them.

The frenzy in the rest of the room was dying down. A man emerged from the crowd and walked over to my area to look at my things. I knew him. He was probably in his mid 30s. He appeared to have a limp, and although I didn't realized it at the time, he looked like Ed Bloemendaal (a Dallas acquaintance). As he looked through my things, he complained how some woman had taken a bowl inlaid with silver dolphins which he had wanted. I sarcastically told him how regrettable that was.

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