Dream of: 05 May 1994 "Chemicals R R Future"

I had been looking for my first cousin Jimmy, who was supposed to be my boss on a construction job. After failing to find him at one location, I arrived at a white house trailer where I thought he might be working. After walking into the front room of the trailer and seeing that he wasn't there, I was just about to leave, when I decided to look into a small side room. I opened the door and saw a bed in the room with no one in it. Just as I was about to shut the door, I noticed a couch against the wall with a cover on it. It looked as if someone might be under the cover. I walked over to it, and sure enough, I found Jimmy under the cover.

I told him we needed to get to work. I then picked up an intricate-looking device about 30 centimeters in diameter. I quickly concluded the device was a nuclear bomb on which Jimmy had been working. After pushing some buttons on it, I asked Jimmy if I had activated it. I thought if I had, I would see digital numbers appear somewhere on the bomb, indicating when the bomb would go off, but I didn't see any, and Jimmy indicated I hadn't activated the device.

Afterwards, Jimmy and I were in a car trying to get to our work site. Although we were near Patriot, we could see Austin, Texas in the distance. I was surprised by just how close Austin was to Patriot.

On our left we passed a large industrial complex. A sign said, "Chemicals R R Future." I thought it was clever how the two "Rs" had been used instead of "are our."

As we drove on, I began thinking about the project on which Jimmy and I were working. We had built a nuclear bomb which we were planning to detonate and we were trying to decide where we would detonate the bomb. We thought about a deserted area, then thought about detonating it in the atmosphere. Finally we decided we would launch a rocket into space and detonate the bomb in space where it could be viewed by everyone.

We needed to work quickly. We knew the authorities were already on to us, and they were trying to locate our launch site. I was also thinking we might need to launch three rockets, all of which would fire lasers at one point, where the bomb would be located. Therefore we needed to launch as soon as possible before the authorities found and destroyed our rockets.

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