Dream of: 03 May 1994 "Cliff-Floating"

Carolina and I were standing on the side of a cliff, watching some people who were engaged in some kind of sport on the cliff. One person would hang on the cliff, with his back to the cliff and his arms raised above his head, clutching to the cliff. A second person would then stand on the shoulders of the first person. The first person would then release his hold, and together the two would fall gracefully, almost floating, to the bottom, about five meters down.

Carolina and I decided to try it. I put myself in the hanging position and we floated down. We landed, walked back up the stairs to the top of the cliff, and then floated down again. Floating wasn't difficult, but I was rather awkward; other people who were floating seemed to have more experience.

The others here were rather young; all appeared to be teenagers. They were dressed in the "punk" fashion. As Carolina and I walked back up to the top of the cliff the second time, and as I walked around one fellow (not more than 17-18 years old), he made an impertinent comment to me. Since he was sitting on the ground, and I hadn't heard him well, I leaned down to better hear what he was saying. When I drew closer to his face, I saw that his teeth were all painted different colors. He said he wanted me to give him $1. I stood back up and walked away. I could tell that I had made him angry and I began to have the feeling that I wasn't welcome here.

Carolina and I walked back over to the cliff. Only now did I see that right behind us was a very high cliff that probably went down 30 meters. Looking over the edge, I could see brush down at the bottom. I also became worried that Carolina, who had sat down near the edge of the cliff, might fall off backwards. Also, reflecting on the animosity which I was perceiving from the other people here, I began to realize that this was a very dangerous place, and that Carolina and I should leave immediately. I told Carolina that we needed to get out of here as fast as we could.

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