Dream of: 01 May 1994 "Self-Improvement"

As I was standing in a restaurant, two attractive brunette women walked in and headed toward me. Both were smiling, and they appeared to be wearing braces – probably young college girls. Only when one was standing right in front of me, did I realize who she was: Mireya (a Dallas acquaintance). She looked so different. She had lost so much weight and her figure was just perfect. I stood amazed.

Mireya and I began talking. She was quite proud of her figure; she had worked on it diligently until it was now almost perfect.

I was wearing a cloth robe which I had pulled all the way around me. I looked at myself and realized – under the robe – I had become quite fat. Continuing to talk, I explained to Mireya that I had stopped seeing her because she had become so heavy. But now she looked so good, I would like to see her again.

Mireya, the other brunette and I walked out of the restaurant and headed toward our cars which were parked nearby. I suggested to Mireya that I might be able to accompany her in her car, a white Cadillac. She obliged me, and said it would be best if I drove the car. She then got in on the passenger side and we drove off, headed for the Gay Street House. As we drove along, I put my hand on her knee, which was exposed by the beige dress she was wearing. I thought I would move my hand on up her leg, but as I started to direct my hand toward her thigh, she stopped me. Nevertheless, she let me rest my hand on her left knee. It felt quite pleasant.

We soon arrived at the Gay Street House; when I stopped the car, I asked Mireya when I was going to see her again. She told me that she would meet me back at the restaurant, two weeks from today, at noon. But I told her I would rather we meet back at the restaurant in a month. I thought if I waited a month, maybe by then I would be able to lose some weight.

Before I left, Mireya gave me a book. On the cover of the book were the pictures of four women, arranged in a square. One picture was of Mireya, and each picture seemed to have something written with it; Mireya's picture had some writing about how women improved themselves. The other three pictures had writings about black women, and how difficult it was for black women to improve themselves in society.

Just as I was finally getting out of the car, another car with two women in it pulled up; I ignored them. As I headed toward the House, I thought about how Mireya had always said she was going to get what she wanted out of life. It looked as if she were actually going to do it.

When I reached the House, I saw a large pink balloon hanging on a metal wire. I didn't know why it was there, but I grabbed it, thinking I would take it into the House with me.

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