Dream of: 30 April 1994 "Menage-A-Trois"

I asked Carolina if she would mind if I began seeing another woman, maybe even bringing her home so the three of us could have a menage-a-trois. Carolina said she wouldn't mind, and even indicated that she would enjoy such an arrangement.


I met an attractive woman whose characteristics, although I didn't realize it at the time, reminded me of Thornberg (a female Dallas attorney) – only this woman was much prettier. She looked as if she were in her early 30s.

I soon had my arms around the woman, intending to go much further. Since it was early morning, I asked her if she would like to have breakfast with me. She thought I was going to take her to a restaurant, and she said she would like to go. I told her we weren't going to a restaurant, but to my nearby home, which resembled the Logan Street House.

When we arrived there, and were sitting down inside, she began going through some mail – seven or eight letters – which I had. Nothing looked important, although I wondered who had sent me one unopened greeting card.

Shortly the woman disappeared, and instead of her, an attractive woman who was my sister (not my actual sister) was in the room. I couldn't tell, but it looked as if she might be naked. I asked her to come over to me. She said, no, that she knew what I wanted – meaning I only wanted to have sex with her; but I knew she would come to me. She also knew of my plans to have a menage-a-trois, and I knew she would take part.

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