Dream of: 29 April 1994 (2) "Lonesome Cave"

My father owned a piece of land on a large hill or mountain which seemed to be in New Boston. I had climbed up the barren rock side of the mountain – brown and devoid of vegetation – up to a point where I discovered a small cave in the side of the mountain. Apparently no one had been there in a long time. An animal run past on the ground – maybe a mink. Looking more closely, I saw two of the animals. But they had long necks and were too large to be minks. They jumped around from one rock to another until I lost sight of them.

I turned my attention back to the cave, where I could see other animals moving around. I couldn't tell exactly what they were, but I thought there might be some lizards there. Standing in front of the cave, and looking at a rock ledge over top the cave, I could clearly see five or six large brown lizards lounging there. It occurred to me that since no one had been around this cave in a long time, the area around the cave was beginning to come back to life with wild animals.

I turned around from the cave and looked down in the valley below me. From where I was I could also see a road winding up the mountain; some people had gathered at a spot farther down the mountain. I was surprised to see that they were busy building another cave in the side of the hill. Not far from these people, I saw yet another group of people, construction workers, who were building yet another cave. I was uncertain why the caves were being built, but it occurred to me that the new caves were going to be used for tourist attractions, and that they would house rooms where people could stay.

I was appalled by the idea that caves were being built for tourist attractions. And when I looked at the bottom of the neighboring hill, I saw that many people were already swarming around at the base, apparently anxious to get up to the new caves. I thought of trying to holler down to the construction workers, to tell them to say something to all the people at the base of the hill, but I didn't. Instead, I finally decided that I needed to go down there and see for myself exactly what was going on.

Making my way down to where the new caves were being built, I was chagrined to find the place covered with people. Tourists were everywhere. Now, from this new vantage point, I had more of the feeling that I was somewhere in California. Indeed, I was now able to look out and see the ocean down below me. I could also see a small peninsula with nice houses on it sticking out into the water. Waves were pounding against the shore of the peninsula, creating a beautiful sight. With such a beautiful vista, it was clear why this spot had been picked for a tourist attraction.

I looked back up the side of the mountain to the spot where my small lonesome cave sat. I could see that the little cave would quickly be dwarfed by all this new development. All the animals of course would leave. I thought, though, there must be other wild places where wild animals could still live. I would need to seek those out, because it appeared that this place would soon be lost.

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