Dream of: 29 April 1994 "Telling the Truth"

I was on the Gallia County Farm with a woman who was a friend of my wife. The woman (about 20 years old) looked exactly like the musician Yoko Ono. As the woman and I were standing out on the open concrete slab which abuts the back porch of the Farmhouse, we encountered two men (probably in their 30s). Both men had dark black hair and looked as if they, as the woman, might be oriental. I quickly saw that each man was carrying a black handgun, and that the woman was also carrying a gun. The woman had a drop on the two men, and she told them to hand over their guns. But the men refused, and instead began firing their guns. The woman also began shooting, and in the fray, I managed to take away one of the men's guns. Once I had the gun, I also began firing. When the firing stopped, both men had been killed. I looked at the woman, who looked shocked, but uninjured. I also hadn't been hurt.

Now I saw yet another man in the field behind the Farmhouse. He was on some kind of machinery, like a bulldozer. I told the woman that she should immediately go inside and turn off all the lights. I also quickly walked inside, picked up the telephone and dialed 911. As I spoke, I was careful about what I said, uncertain about what I should admit. I said, "Get somebody out here. Two men have been shot."

A woman's voice said, "Somebody's on the way," and the line went dead. I said, "Hello," but no one was there.

The woman and I quickly began locking up the House, thinking we were going to be attacked by the other man who was still outside. After we had locked the house, I began thinking about what we were going to say when the police came. The woman asked me what she should say. I said, "Well we could put the guns back in the dead men's hands, and say that they shot each other."

The woman thought that would be a good idea. I realized we still had a problem because of the gunpowder on our hands. I told her we could wash the powder off. But then I began thinking washing off the powder would be too complicated. If we lied, we could get caught up in our lies. Simply telling the truth and saying we had acted in self-defense would be best. Although I knew it might be possible to get out of the mess by lying, there was also a possibility that we could get caught. So I thought telling the truth would be best.

The woman however didn't seem sure about what she wanted to do. She almost seemed unable to talk. But I thought she would probably go along with whatever I decided to do.

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