Dream of: 28 April 1994 "Family Ties"

I was riding in a car with my father, my mother, and my sister. My sister (about 18 years old) reminded me of Mallory Keaton (a character played by Justine Bateman in the television series "Family Ties"). She was slender and looked as if she might have been wearing glasses. She was very pretty and had long hair. She was wearing a nice sweater.

The conversation turned to problems my sister was having. The nature of the problem wasn't entirely clear, but I had the feeling my sister had begun talking to my mother and my father, and they were beginning to suspect I had had a sexual relationship with my sister. Indeed, just a short time ago, my sister and I had had a sexual relationship. We had abstained from sexual contact for a long time, but just a short while ago, once again, we had shared intense sexual contact.

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