Dream of: 27 April 1994 "Ace Of Spades"

Melanie, holding a deck of cards in her hand, walked into a room were Carolina and I were lounging, and asked if we ever played any card games. Wheat was in the next room; obviously Wheat and Melanie wanted to socialize a bit with Carolina and me. I thought to myself that Carolina and I didn't play cards, partly because it seemed a rather vapid pastime, partly because I anticipated we would get into arguments if we played. But it seemed as if it would be a harmless enough enterprise, and I told Melanie we would play.

After we were seated and had been playing a while, I realized only Melanie, Carolina and I were playing. Melanie was seated right across from me, and Carolina was seated to my right. I was uncertain exactly what we were playing, but I thought we were supposed to form groups of cards, as in rummy, and lay them out in front of us. We each took turns taking a blue-backed card, then discarding a card on the discard pile.

I, however, was having great difficulty concentrating. I thought I must have been drinking some alcohol earlier, because I felt as if I were thoroughly inebriated. Since the others didn't seem to mind, I didn't let it bother me either, and I endeavored to do my best to figure out the game.

When it was my turn, I stared long and hard at the discard pile, trying to decide whether to pick it up and play some of the cards. However, my study was befuddled by the disarray of the cards in my hand. I had the cards in no particular order, and I couldn't bring them into any order. I looked at Melanie, who I thought had surely arranged her cards in the most punctilious order, and I couldn't understand why I couldn't do the same with mine. Obviously my drunken stupor had severely affected me.

Finally I picked up the discard pile. After laboring to bring some order to my hand, I asked the others why I had so many cards, forgetting that I had picked up so many. I also had picked up the last card in the deck. It was an ace of spades and was torn across the middle. It appeared that Melanie had known of this defect, and therefore she had placed the card at the bottom of the deck. I was happy to have it, since I had two or three other aces and I would be able to use the card in a spread.

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