Dream of: 24 April 1994 (2) "Hay Aves"

I was sitting in a classroom on the second or third day of class. I had been reading what I had thought was the lesson for the day, something about diseases. The lesson was written in Spanish, and the class was conducted in Spanish.

When the female teacher walked into the classroom, I realized she wasn't the same teacher who had been teaching the class before. This woman (probably in her 30s) looked somewhat oriental, but since the class was in Spanish, I thought she might be Hispanic. The teacher seemed uncertain about what lesson we were studying, and she asked the students, but the students also seemed uncertain, not knowing whether we were on lesson B1, B2, 5 or 6. I had been reading lesson 6, and that was the one on which I wanted to work. I knew lesson 5 had been about birds. It didn't look that interesting to me, and I hadn't read it. Somebody asked about the content of lesson 5, and I stood up and responded, "Hay aves."

I suggested we simply skip to the next lesson, and then I sat back down. Other people, however, wanted to do lesson 5. Since it looked as if we were going to end up doing lesson 5, I quickly looked through it, to see if I could figure out what the actual content was.

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