Dream of: 15 April 1994 "Schoolbus"

I was riding on a school bus packed with children in their teens. I had decided I was going to marry one of the girls on the bus. Her name was Sharon Stone, and she looked as if she were 16-17 years old. She was quite beautiful, with long, light brown hair. When I had told her of my intention, she was shocked and not particularly happy about it, especially since we barely knew each other. But I sensed that she realized that if I had decided to marry her, she would eventually acquiesce whether she wanted to or not.

As we rode along, another girl approached me and told me she was in love with me. This girl was also beautiful and also had long, light brown hair, but she was only about 14 years old. She was hard to resist, but I brushed her off and told her to come back in a couple years. I was thinking to myself that at that time she would be of age and if I did have some kind of affair with her, at least I wouldn't be committing a crime. I couldn't remember - was the legal age sixteen or seventeen? At any rate, I doubted she would be back.

As we rode along, I realized that my brother Chris, who died of muscular dystrophy when he was 16, was alive and lying on the seat beside me on the left. He looked as if he was 14-15 years old, and he and was dressed in white. Although there was not much I could do for him, I knew he was my responsibility and I would have to take care of him on this trip.

The bus passed over a bridge and I could see the muddy waters of a river below us. At first I thought it was the Ohio River, but then thought it was too small. I could see the tops of trees sticking up from the water, and realized the river must be flooded. I could see houses along the river's banks, and the water went right up to the doors - more evidence that the river was flooded. Finally I concluded that it was indeed the Ohio River.

After passing over the bridge, the bus raced down an incline and made a sharp turn at the bottom. I wondered to myself what would happen if the bus overturned and we rolled into the river. I would try to remain calm. As the bus filled with water, I would try to orient myself as to which way was up. I would try to go in that direction and find an open window. I would not try to rescue anyone. I knew that would be the worst thing I could do, because those who tried to rescue someone would lose valuable time and drown with the ones they were trying to rescue. Especially I wouldn't try to rescue Chris. Although I loved Chris, I felt rescuing someone who was going to die anyway, while letting someone else drown, would be foolish. I thought about how ironic it would be if somehow Chris floated out of an open window, and survived by floating up to the surface while healthy people drowned.

If I did make it to the surface, I would dive back down and try to save people. It would only make sense to try to save someone else after I had been able to save myself.

Suddenly I realized we had reached our destination. We had arrived in the village of Centerville in Gallia County, Ohio. On my right I could see the school where I went in the fourth and fifth grade. I hollered to the front of the bus to Sharon, the girl I intended to marry. It was hard to see her, but finally she answered me with a fake scowl on her face. I told her this was the town where we were going to live.

The bus passed along the short main street. I could see a few shops along the way. I thought we would stop at the school, and then I would have to carry Chris out of the bus.

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