Dream of: 13 April 1994 (2) "Dinosaur Replica"

I was a student at a university, and was supposed to do a project for one of my classes. To complete the project, I was going to need a life-size replica of a dinosaur. The dinosaurs would be built for the students. All we had to do was pick out the one we wanted and pay for it. I had picked out a small version of what looked like a brachiosaurus. I had picked the smaller size because it cost less.

I talked with the woman responsible for having the dinosaurs built. She was a tall, thin woman (probably in her mid 50s) with graying hair. I told her I had decided to change from the least expensive variety of dinosaur to one which would cost about $360 (even though the new one I picked was still considered a small one).

In front of me I had a paper which had the sketches and prices of all the dinosaurs arranged on it. The woman suggested that I would be better off to buy a larger dinosaur. The cheapest large dinosaur only cost $401. So there was very little difference between the most expensive small dinosaur and the cheapest large dinosaur.

She explained that there were definite advantages to buying a large dinosaur. She told me I would be able to use the large dinosaur latter in my life, but I wouldn't be able to use the small one later. She also pointed out that the smaller dinosaurs had their heads down close to the ground, but the larger dinosaurs held their heads high in the air.

She asked me why I didn't get the larger one. I told her it was just the idea of spending that much money for a dinosaur (I didn't like the idea of spending any money at all for a dinosaur) and I wanted to get by as cheaply as I could. But I was beginning to think I might be better off to buy the larger dinosaur. I thought there wasn't that much difference in price, and I would be able to use it later.

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