Dream of: 13 April 1994 "Lost Work"

I was in a classroom with several people. A woman (about 30 years old) was working together with me on a project. In the course of the project, we had been taking turns typing up a paper on a computer. When it was finally almost time to leave, something was wrong with the computer, and the woman walked around behind the computer. I started working on something else and left her alone. But out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the computer screen suddenly went off; I knew at once we had lost all of our work. But the woman didn't say anything to me; instead she walked back around to the front, tidied up her place, and prepared to leave.

I walked over and asked her if I could again see my work on the computer; she was reluctant. I tried to turn on the computer, but found that I needed a key. When I asked the woman where my key was, she acted as if she didn't have it. Finally I confronted her with the fact that she had lost everything. When she acted as if she hadn't lost anything, I accused her of lying to me. In fact, it seemed as if she had been lying to me about several different things. But obviously we weren't going to resolve this matter.

The paper on which we had been working was due in class the following day, so I was rather angry. At the same time, it didn't make much difference to me, even though I didn't like what the woman had done. I thought we would have to explain it to the professor the following day.

The woman and I left and returned to a boarding house where she and I were staying together. I began thinking about our project and realized two things needed to be done. First we needed to type something which resembled a legal case. Second, we needed to type our analysis of the case. We had already written the first part, and all we needed to do was type it again into the computer. We could probably hire someone to come in and type it up for us; maybe we could get Judith (a friend who was also a legal secretary) to do this. As far as the second part, we could do that ourselves; that might be a solution to the problem.

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