Dream of: 12 April 1994 "Flying Like Superman"

all power ultimately derives from God

Gary Altizer (my childhood friend from the fourth grade), now an adult, was chatting with me. After we had talked for quite a while, he asked me what I thought about God. I didn't mind telling Gary what kind of God I believed in. I explained that I had spent much time thinking about God, and that my thoughts had led me to the subjects of infinity and the void. Although I had finally concluded that I was incapable of comprehending infinity, contemplating infinity and the void had helped me form my conception of God.

Trying to articulate my beliefs, I explained that I didn't believe in the type of God in which most people believed. The phrase "pie in the sky" passed through my mind as I spoke. I thought to myself that I had never understood that particular phrase, but now I suddenly understood what it meant: the phrase "pie in the sky" referred to an illusion of something good, something in which one could believe, but which wasn't really there. Although I didn't use the phrase as I talked with Gary, I thought most people believed in a "pie in the sky" type of God. But that wasn't the kind of God in which I believed.


As I was walking on the sidewalk down a street, I suddenly recalled the conversation with Gary, and realized the entire episode had been a dream. I tried to remember the dream's details, thinking I needed to record it. I strained my mind to bring the dream back.

Although I seemed to be in a residential area, I saw no houses, but only large trees, especially on my right. Abruptly I decided I would like to fly. I began running headlong down the sidewalk, thrust out my hands in front of me and flew off the ground. I reflected how my position looked just like the one Superman commonly used.

As I rose higher and continued down the street, I recalled someone had recently criticized my flying. The criticism had daunted me somewhat, but now that I was in the air, I knew I was going to fly no matter what anyone said.

I didn't intend to fly high. I only wanted to stay in the immediate area of the trees, the branches of which formed a canopy where I was able to fly unimpeded about 20 meters above the ground. I flew right up to the branches forming the canopy, grabbed the limbs and felt the leaves as I passed under them. Some dust seemed to have settled on the top of the limbs, but that didn't bother me - I loved the feel of the trees. The mere touch of the trees seemed to fulfill some need and invigorate me. I grabbed each limb as I passed under it. I would stop, hover under the limb for a few seconds, then move on, immensely enjoying floating from limb to limb.

Below me I spotted what looked like a broken-off tree. It was leaning over, had no limbs on it, and was about a half meter thick at the top. I floated down toward the tree, thinking I might alight on it and sit there. However, as soon as my foot touched the tree, the tree yielded downward under my weight and made a cracking sound as if it were about to break. Startled, I moved back, hovering above the tree. My equilibrium had been thrown off, and I was afraid I was going to have to return to the ground. I didn't want to fly under the tree, because I feared it might break and fall on me. I also hoped no one else was down below who might be struck by the tree if it fell. I hovered, unsure of whether to continue flying or to land.

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