Dream of: 10 April 1994 "Business Capital"

I was climbing steep, hand-made stairs, when I became concerned the stairs might not be sturdy enough to hold me. I looked at the way the steps had been nailed onto the two boards which ran along each side. At first I was concerned that either the steps or the boards might be rotten. They had been painted with a light colored paint to make them look as if they were in good condition, but I was afraid they were dilapidated underneath. Upon examination, however, I found that all the steps (except one at the top) were made of good, solid lumber. The one at the top was partially rotten, and I would need to be careful of it, because the nails on one side were already starting to come out. As I looked at it more closely, I noticed some wire hanging near it. I twisted the wire around the step and tied the wire behind the board to give the step more strength. I thought the step would now be able to hold me.

When I reached the top of the stairs, there was only a small opening for me to squeeze through. With much effort I managed to push through, and stood up on the other side.

I was now in a building next door to where I was living. Considerable activity was going on -- it looked as if the place was either a repair shop, or possibly a manufacturing concern. I had come here because I needed to fix a small electronic device no longer functioning. I sat down on the concrete floor and spread the metal pieces from the device around me. Inside the device were several tiny batteries, and it appeared that one might be burned out. I hoped that was the problem, because if it wasn't, quite a bit of effort would be required to figure out how to fix the device.

Once I had things spread out on the floor, it also seemed as if I were looking over the contents of my law office. I had successfully reduced the size of my law practice to a very compact size. Although I was still involved in practicing law, I intended to reduce the law practice to practically nothing. Then, if I wanted to take on any new cases, I would be choosy in the type of work I did. It crossed my mind that I might want to know more about insurance law, and take on a case in that area.

As I sat here, an Hispanic-looking girl (about 20 years old) walked up and handed me a plate with a sandwich on it. She was apparently taking food to everyone in the place, and since I was here, I got some. It looked as if some meat were on the sandwich, and I debated whether to eat it. When I opened the sandwich, however, I found it filled with all sorts of chopped-up fruit. It looked more like a bowl inside. I picked up a spoon and took a bite. I was surprised that it was warm. It didn't taste like fruit, but like vegetables. It was delicious.

Carolina was also in the room. She also had a plate of food which looked different from mine.

After finishing the food, I began thinking more about the building I was in. I actually owned this building. I had rented it to Mr. Webb (a former legal client, whom I had represented as a debtor in a bankruptcy reorganization case).

I recalled having talked with Webb's wife about the operation of their business. They had been spending far too much money on insurance, and almost seemed compulsive about the amount of insurance which they had.

After I had rented the building to Webb, he in turn had rented it to the people who were actually using it. I knew I was collecting $1,000 a month in rent from Webb for the place. I thought I had paid about $70,000 for it. I thought that since it was being successfully used, the present tenant might be interested in buying it from me. I thought I might be able to sell it for $125,000. Webb might not be happy that I would now sell the building, but he wouldn't be able to stand in my way.

I figured if I got $125,000 for the building, added to my other money, I would have a around $300,000 in capital. That would give me enough money to start a business of my own if I wanted. And I thought that was what I did want. I had worked at practicing law long enough to give me a good financial base. But I didn't want to practice law any more. I wanted to go into business for myself, some kind of business where I was manufacturing something. This might be the time to start.

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