Dream of: 08 April 1994 (3) "Effete Voice"

I was lying on my back in a large grocery store. I was lying on a little, flat cart, with wheels, like the kind a mechanic would use to get under a car. I had a blue cover over me. I gradually began to realize how inappropriate it was for me to be lying in a grocery store like this. Knowing there was no way to avoid people seeing me, I stood, gathered my blanket together, and walked away from the cart.

I just wanted to get out of the store. But I thought I should at least buy something. I saw mixes for brownies and cakes, and thought about getting one. But I wasn't sure if it required eggs, and I didn't think I had any eggs. I also saw packages of pre-made cinnamon rolls which only needed to be heated.

But I quickly became frustrated with trying to make a decision of what to buy. Finally I just picked up a gallon of milk and walked to the counter. A woman behind the counter rung up my purchase. She rung up $2.79, but since the milk was apparently on special, changed it to $1.79, and apologized for having started to charge me the higher price. I told her I didn't know how much it was anyway.

When I spoke, I realized how effete my voice sounded, almost like a woman's. As I walked out of the store, I felt strange, wondering why I was behaving so strangely.

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