Dream of: 08 April 1994 (2) "Mayan Carving"

Carolina was driving a car in which I was riding. I could still see our nice, modern home as we were pulling away from it. The home had one problem: it had been built near the edge of a large cliff overlooking a valley. At the bottom of the valley was a high power tower with power lines strung to other power towers. The tower rose up so the top, and therefore the lines, were right in front of our house, blocking our view. As we drove away from the house, and I looked back at the power lines, I complained to Carolina how dissatisfied I was with their being so close to our home.

As we continued on down the rural road, on our right we passed a large hotel which had only recently been built. What interested me was the way the power lines were run to the hotel. Right in front of the hotel was a gigantic power pole which towered high into the air. From the top of the power pole, several different lines fell unobtrusively to different parts of the hotel. The lines had been strung quite tastefully, and I thought how that contrasted with the power lines right in front of our house.

I asked Carolina if she had seen in it, and she hadn't. She had no sooner spoken than we again passed in front of the hotel. This time I also noticed that about half way up the power pole (built from concrete) was an image of what appeared to be a Mayan carving made in black stone. I could discern the luxuriant, feather headdress on the statue. I pointed it out to Carolina, but she was too busy driving to see.

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