Dream of: 08 April 1994 "Recently Formed Church"

prepare your message

I was sitting in the front pew of a small church which had only recently been formed. I had only been there once or twice before, and because no one else had known how, I had conducted the service. It had been a simple affair, done without any planning, and I had sat in the pew during the entire time.

Today however, I decided that instead of sitting in the pew, I was going to stand up in front of the congregation and face them. I stood and walked to a brown, wooden table in front of the pews. Standing behind the table and facing the congregation, I was uncertain what I would say. I wanted to emphasize that we were all here to get to know one another. We were here to form a community, and to learn about each other's lives.

I also thought we would sing two or three church songs, and I began trying to remember some songs. I quickly decided on "Nearer to Thee," then tried to think of others. I thought about "When the Roll is Called up Yonder," but discarded it because I questioned some of the underlying principles of the song. I couldn't think of another song which would be familiar to everyone. We didn't have any musical accompaniment, so the song would have to be one which everyone knew. I picked up a hymnal and quickly leafed through the index of songs, but I still didn't see anything familiar. I laid the hymnal down, hoping something would come to mind as the service progressed.

As I looked out over the people sitting in the church, I thought that having to speak to them would also help me overcome my fear of speaking in public, and that being able to overcome my fear would help me in the future when I would have to argue in front of a jury. I didn't know why I had always dreaded speaking in front of people, but I thought the fear was one which I could vanquish.

A central group of pews was in the middle on the church, with another row of pews on each side - both on the right and the left of the central group. My father and my mother were prominently seated in the center directly in front of me. I looked around the room and estimated that probably 20 people were there – more than I had anticipated. Where had they all come from? And where exactly was this church, located? It seemed as if it were somewhere in rural Gallia County, Ohio.

I decided I would put my plan of getting to know everyone into action. I began speaking, saying I thought it was important for us to all know each others names. I had the immediate impression that everyone agreed. I turned to some men seated on the side pews in front of me to my left, and I asked them to introduce themselves. I walked over to them and shook their hands, and as they gave me their names, I tried to memorize them. I told them that I might forget their names and that I usually had to hear a person's name two or three times before it registered with me.

As I continued walking around the room and asking names, I was surprised to find another group of men at the rear of the middle group of pews. These men in the rear all seemed to have come alone, and only by chance were they sitting near each other. I noticed the people here today seemed different than the people whom I had seen here before, but I thought with time, regular people would begin coming. I thought we were off to a good start.

Dream Commentary of October 5, 2015

Just as churches offer souls an opportunity to temporaily change our focus from our everyday trials and tribulations in the real world, so do a communitis of dream-publishers.

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