Dream of: 07 April 1994 "Rocky Hill"

I was riding a red motorcycle through a forested area, headed for a place where I was going to camp out. I was in a hilly region, and as I began riding a curvy road around the side of a hill, I began going faster and faster. I thought I recognized the road as one I had traveled on before, going just as fast as I now was. But with each curve I came closer to the edge of the road, and finally realized I was going too fast. I began slowing down until I came to a complete stop.

I had stopped just in time, because just ahead of me the road came to an abrupt end in the craggy side of the hill. In fact, I was no longer on a road at all, but on a narrow ledge where I barely had room to stand. I turned around and walked a few paces back, only to find that the road behind me was also blocked by the rocky hill. I was trapped.

I looked down. I was high up on the rocky hill. It looked as if it would be possible to climb down, but it would be dangerous. However, as I continued looking down, it seemed to become less formidable. I cautiously stepped off the ledge and began my downward descent. I was wearing white tennis shoes, not really appropriate for climbing. But I continued on.

The side of the hill was covered with rocks. I came to one large rock hanging in front of me. When I touched it, I was startled as it dislodged and rolled down the hill. I thought I needed to be more careful and hoped no one else was down below. But when I looked, I did see two people walking below not far from me. It looked as if there was a path down there. I thought I should be able to easily reach where they were and get on the path.

I thought I would then have to figure out how to go back up and get my motorcycle. I thought I would have to travel all the way around to the road again and come back in that way.

As I looked across to another hill, I thought I heard an explosion, and saw rocks rolling down all over the side of the hill. It looked as if someone had set off an explosion on the hill and had caused the rocks to roll. That seemed a little dangerous to me, and I wondered if the person knew what he were doing.

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