Dream of: 04 April 1994 (2) "Petting A Black Pony"

I walked up to an outside area where some horses were being kept. I particularly wanted to pet one brown horse; when I approached it, I noticed small spots all over its body, as if it had been bitten by insects. I thought a horsefly had bitten it; I recalled that horseflies laid eggs under the skin of animals. It looked as if someone had pinched out the eggs, so only sores remained. But I did see a couple flies sitting on one of the sores.

The horse appeared to be in pain. When I moved closer to it, it stepped away, obviously not wanting to be petted. The horse walked over to a man seated nearby, and put its head in the man's face. I didn't saying anything, but feeling rejected, walked over to another spot and sat down by myself.

To my surprise and delight, another black pony walked up to me, put its head in front of me and allowed me to pet it. When I continued petting it, it lay on a table in front of me, then moved down to the ground. It appeared to be wearing a black jacket. I petted it so much, I began to grow tired, and thought I was going to have to stop. But I did enjoy petting it.

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