Dream of: 04 April 1994 "Caveman"

I was with a group of primitive people, living in buildings made of mud. I felt as if I had been transported back through time to the dawn of civilization. I had been here a long time, hundreds of years, waiting for something. Finally, one day after much time had passed, some of the people came up screaming that something was happening. I realized that finally the Americans had come. Since I spoke English, I knew I would be able to communicate with the Americans.

When I reached the location where the Americans were arriving, I heard shots fired, and saw that the Americans were dressed in green military uniforms and helmets. One of the Americans, a black man, had been shot, and appeared to be dead. I kept trying to get closer to the Americans, until I was close enough to speak to one. I told him I spoke English. Although he didn't seem interested, I insisted on speaking to him. Finally he took me to another soldier. They decided to take me to someone else who might know what to do with me.

We boarded a jeep and drove off. The first man still didn't think it was important that I spoke English. But I knew it was important. I knew I had been transported through time for a reason. Now I was going to make a report to the Americans about what was going on here.

However, I thought the Americans wouldn't believe my story and I thought of a way to prove what I was saying. I knew I had loved a woman when I had been at another place at another time. I knew now a woman was here who looked exactly like the woman I had loved in the other time. The woman here (about 20 years old) had black hair and would be wearing a brown animal skin. She didn't know me, but I knew her name. I knew we would soon be passing her. As we passed down a city street near where I thought she would be, I saw some other women, but didn't see her. Finally I saw her and said, "Carolina. Carolina. Carolina."

She could hear her name, but she didn't know who was saying it. When she realized it was me, she gave me a nasty look. Since she didn't know me, she thought I was just trying to pick her up. The other men didn't see any point in what I was doing, and drove on.

We reached a building, which I quickly realized was actually a cave. As I watched what was taking place, it seemed more as if I were watching a movie on a screen instead of actually being here. I saw a frightened soldier being shot in the cave. He fell backwards into a small pit. As he disappeared into the pit, I realized he was probably going to reappear in another time.

The scene on the screen changed. The soldier who had been shot was now dressed as a caveman. He picked up something which looked like a long, gray leg bone, but which was flat and stretched from the ground high over his head. Using the bone as a cane, the man walked into what appeared to be a classroom. The room was filled with men about five times larger than the man with the bone. All the other men also looked like large cavemen, and they were all sitting at desks and bent over their desks. It looked as if it was a chemistry class.

Obviously the little man had reappeared at another time in another civilization; the story wouldn't continue.

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