Dream of: 03 April 1994 (2) "Two-Way Mirror"

I was sitting in a room filled with benches. Through a large window on the side of the room, I could see into another room. I was thinking to myself that it would be interesting for a classroom to have a two-way mirror. Then students' parents could sit on the other side of the mirror and watch their children during class. The experience could prove revealing for the parents.

Two girls (each about 17 years old) walked into the room where I was sitting and sat down in front of me. One had blonde hair past her shoulders and the other had red hair which fell to her shoulders. They were probably students here. When the blonde, who was gorgeous, turned around to look at something, I asked her if they were skipping school. She was rather stand-offish and didn't want to talk to me about it. Being particularly interested in her, I continued to try to make conversation. But every time I spoke, she acted as if she weren't interested. Finally she stood and walked away.

I turned my attention to the other girl. At first she had looked rather plain. But when I took a closer look at her, I noticed her large, beautiful, red lips. When I looked more closely at her face, I realized she was beautiful, much more beautiful than the blonde; she had a more enduring beauty.

Thinking maybe both the blonde and the red head would be able to go somewhere with me, I began talking with the red head; she seemed interested in me. I asked her what she thought about the idea of the two-way mirror on the classroom wall. She didn't like the idea.

As I talked, I noticed a nice pair of tennis shoes lying next to me. I liked them and at first thought they were mine. But then I realized they weren't.

A black-haired girl walked into the room, stepped right up to me and said, "You got me in trouble."

I asked her what she was talking about. She pulled out several colored comic pages such as might appear in the Sunday edition of a newspaper, and handed them to me. I looked at the comics, and slowly began to figure out that she wrote comics for a school newspaper. She had used some of her dreams as the bases for her comics. Apparently I had given her the idea. The comics had stirred up a great deal of controversy with the authorities in the school. She might even lose her job of writing comics. She was in trouble.

As I tried to read the comics, the red-haired girl leaned over and also began reading them. She put her cheek against mine, allowing me to feel her soft skin. It was pleasurable. Obviously she wanted to be with me. I wanted to kiss her, but couldn't here. Surely we would be together later. I anticipated having a good time with her.

I continued trying to read the comics. Nothing was wrong with them; why was the girl in trouble? Yet, I wasn't surprised. A conspiracy seemed to have formed against people who delved into their dreams. I had seen something like this happen in a movie.

Wheat walked in and we began talking about the matter. Wheat was having some similar problems, just like the girl. I mentioned the movie I had seen, and finally decided the movie had been titled An Officer and a Gentleman. I couldn't remember the nature of the movie, but thought it had dealt with a conspiracy against someone.

I couldn't do much to help the girl; but I needed to be aware of how people were treating her.

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