Dream of: 03 April 1994 "Racketeering"

I arrived at work at a place which looked like the old Laroy theater in Portsmouth. Just as I was arriving, Wheat, was also arriving. He was dressed in a suit, and three uniformed policemen were accompanying him. I followed him to his office. When we reached it, one policeman stayed outside, and the other two walked inside with Wheat. I realized Wheat had been arrested. I told the officer outside that I was an attorney, and that I wanted to go in where Wheat was.

When I walked in where Wheat was, I learned that he had indeed been arrested. He had already posted bond, and the police were now here to ask him more questions. It was unclear to me what was going on; but I learned that in the last two days he had been arrested twice. When I tried to learn what the charges were, it appeared as if there were many charges; the police had listed as many charges as they could come up with. Finally someone mentioned "racketeering." Obviously Wheat was going to have major problems.

Finally, I walked back to my office, also located here. I was going to have to help Wheat; but I had another problem: I had about 25 of my own clients who were waiting out front to see me. I needed to see them, because I was already late, and they were growing impatient. I had to help Wheat, but I also had to take care of my clients.

Wheat's situation was going to require a great deal of work; I tried to figure out what I could do for him. As I pondered the situation, a boy (about 15 years old) who was Wheat's son walked in. He sat down and we began talking about Wheat's problem. At the same time, a television was turned on in the room. The program was talking about some kind of sports activity. As I turned my attention to the program, I recalled that Wheat had been defending someone on that particular sport team.

Wheat had also been defending another important man in a case which had been brought against the man. The man was Hispanic and reminded me of the politician Henry Cisneros.

As I thought about Wheat's involvement in those two cases (the sports case and the Henry Cisneros case), it began to seem clear to me that the authorities were going to accuse Wheat of being involved in a conspiracy with the people on those two cases. It seemed the authorities were intentionally bringing charges against Wheat so he wouldn't be able to defend the people in the two cases.

Wheat had told me before that he was concerned that his office might be bugged or his phone tapped. I was now convinced that his fears had been well-founded. He had probably been under surveillance for a long time. As I talked with Wheat's son, I became concerned about what I was saying; I feared the whole place might be wired.

I told the son that we might have a problem if Wheat had made a statement in the privacy of his office which would turn out to be incriminating. I still didn't think Wheat was guilty of anything. Thinking further, I thought the authorities might have even taped something I had said, something which might incriminate me in some way. I needed to be careful about what I said. I said, "This is going to blow wide open when the press starts tying all this together, about the sports team, and the other man that Wheat defended. And now Wheat being arrested."

I began thinking about the fact that Wheat had been arrested twice in the last few days. Each time he had put up a $100,000 bond. I didn't know where he had gotten the money, but today when he had been arrested someone had quickly put up $100,000.

I continued trying to think about how Wheat would be defended. It was going to be an extremely time-consuming affair. Nevertheless, I was willing to sink the time into it. Obviously he was going to need a lot of help.

We needed more facts. If we could uncover the person or organization behind this affair, we could sue them. Then we could use legal discovery tools to get information. No discovery was available in a criminal case. And besides, we didn't even really know what the charges were. We needed to start a civil lawsuit so we could do discovery work to find out why Wheat was being prosecuted. Then we would be able to defend him. I didn't know if that tact would work, but at least we could try.

At the same time, I thought again that I needed to be concerned with taking care of my own clients, who were still waiting. I needed to get busy working.

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