Dream of: 02 April 1994 "Twisted Life"

Birdie and I were lying next to each other in a bed. Each of us had all our clothes on. She looked as if she were about 25 years old, and I felt about the same age. She began talking about the last time she had seen me. At that time, she and I had been getting along quite well together. But without telling me, she had gone off with another man and gotten married. She was now trying to explain to me what had happened. As I listened, I was rather interested, although it really didn't make any difference to me any more. And I told her so. But she continued talking anyway, trying to explain what had happened when she had married the other man.


I had decided that Birdie was going to work for me. I took her with me to the place where some chapter 13 bankruptcy meetings were being held for clients whom I was representing as their attorney. I felt strange having her with me; but I was at least impressed by how attractive she looked.

Birdie and I sat down next to another man (about 50 years old) who was also going to be working for me. A thin man, he had worked for me once before, and I had been trying to teach him how to handle the meetings.

As I looked through some of my papers, I noticed that under some of the signature lines, Birdie had printed people's names. I thought that might not have been a good idea. It might have been better to wait and see who would sign the papers before we wrote down the people's names.

I told the other man that Birdie was going to be working for me. I also mentioned to him that I was going to be going to California for two or three weeks. I knew some of the people around me heard what I was saying, and felt rather proud that I was going to be able to take off for two or three weeks.

I thought Walls would be traveling with me, and I mentioned it to Birdie. She thought it was strange that after so much time I would be going to California with Walls. But it didn't seem so strange to me.

As I thought about my trip, I thought I needed to get things arranged here, for people to cover for me while I was gone.


Another person and I were walking along the park in Gallipolis. We were on the side of the park along the Ohio River, in a sandy area; children were playing all around us. I said to the other person, "I used to love this place when I was a child."

I noticed a grassy area in the middle of the grass. As I walked along next to it, I began feeling nostalgic and sad. I thought how twisted my life had become since I had been a child. I couldn't understand what had happened to me. My life seemed strange and out of order. I liked being in Gallipolis, but felt as if something was really wrong with my life.

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